Arlington summers can only be survived by plunging into nearly three million gallons of water. At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, you may quench your thirst for adventure, wash away your cares, or make a splash with the ultimate family activity. The large water park has over 40 rides and attractions, so there’s something exciting for everyone.

You’ll be on cloud nine after experiencing the thrills of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, especially if you’re the adrenaline-seeking sort that loves fast rides with hairpin bends and vertical drops. The famed Der Stuka water slide, at 72 feet in height, will test the mettle of even the most avid adrenaline junkie. When you take that first thrilling plunge down the slide, you’ll realize why it’s named after a famed fighter plane.

The next time your nerves are tested, why not take a spin on the Geronimo? Feel the butterflies in your tummy as you climb seven stories of anticipation. In order to gather even more momentum before the drop, this ride, unlike Der Stuka, begins with a brief horizontal length of runway. Brace yourself for a rush of adrenaline as your body seems to float over the slide for six stories before plunging into the pool at breakneck speed.

A wager needs to be settled. Enjoy a friendly competition with a friend on the Wahoo Racer, the world’s largest multi-lane water slide complex. At 40 feet per second, you’ll hurtle through twisting tubes before emerging into six lanes for a high-speed photo finish in the cool splash pool.

In search of a more soothing experience. Relax on a raft in the Lazy River Cruise and bask in the Texas heat. Take a relaxing trip through the park as a family as you float on a current and take in the sights and sounds of Der Stuka’s drop while you catch up on some much-needed face time. You may even get the nerve to ride the Black Hole’s winding tubes if you look at them long enough.

After a morning of intense riding, stop by Suntan Lagoon for some downtime in the middle of the day. Kick back on the deck of a million-gallon pool with a frosty beverage, some pizza, or a snow cone. While recharging, discuss some of your favorite rides to date and make plans for future adventures.

Splashwater Beach is a kid-friendly sanctuary with more than 40 water attractions. Your children will have a blast with the water hoses, dumping buckets, and water curtains. A lounge is available so that parents can relax while their children play in the pool.

Younger visitors to the water park can experience a pirate-themed adventure on Hook’s Ship. Climbing nets and four bright slides give kids a chance to explore the ship’s many levels before being dropped off in the boat’s pool.

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