The northern part of Arlington area is home to River Legacy Park, the crown jewel of Arlington’s park system, which is situated on the banks of the Trinity River. This 1031-acre park in the forest floodplain is part of a larger, 75-mile greenbelt planned to stretch from west Fort Worth to east Dallas.

A total of 400 animal species, 193 bird species, and 28 tree species are found in the urban hardwood forest. The four-phase master plan for River Legacy, designed by Sasaki and Associates in 1986, calls for much of the park to be maintained for passive activities that promote an awareness of the area’s plant and animal life. Nature studies, bird watching, cycling, running, picnics, and unwinding in a natural setting are some of the current educational, leisure, and recreational pursuits.

Planning a trip to River Legacy Park? Don’t forget to bring some food with you. Discovery is the name of the game in this hardwood forest that spans over 1,030 acres and is home to over 400 species of mammals, 193 kinds of birds, and 28 species of trees. The park was designed to be a haven for wildlife despite its high human traffic, a perfect example of the harmonious coexistence of nature and recreation. Explore nature through bird watching, cycling, running, and picnicking, all of which are very popular pastimes.

More than 10 miles of cross country trails that the Dallas Off-Road Bicycling Association (DORBA) calls “some of the best around” are available to mountain bikers. It will be a fantastic experience for the kids if you bring them along. There is no comparable playground in the United States to the one built in 2012. It was built specifically for River Legacy Park to blend in with the forest canopy. The crown gem of Arlington’s park system has a life-size T-Rex dinosaur skeleton that is a big hit with the younger visitors.

Located just next to River Legacy Parks, the 12,000-square-foot River Legacy Living Science Center is home to native animals in terrariums and aquariums, an exhibit hall, self-exploration stations, nature trails, a gift shop, and Free Saturday activities.

As the park’s main entrance, the River Legacy Living Science Center is a must-see. The nature center was built to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment by blending in with the existing land contours and oak groves. The Center is home to the Foundation’s environmental education initiatives, such as Nature School and Summer Classes, as well as public programming and one-off events.

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